All bands describe themselves as “The Top” or “The best” function/covers band! There isn't another band like EverClare! Few bands feature a Chapman stickist and if they do, it’s unlikely that he’ll be dressed as a Victorian gentleman!


EverClare is a 5pc upbeat party band with a big, unique, sound comprising of 5 outstanding professional musicians and performers playing biggest dance-floor fillers from the last 70 years - songs that appeal to everyone and are guaranteed to keep the dance floor full from the first song. 


The band is energetically fronted by male / female vocalists backed by one of best drummers in the UK and one of around only 3000 Chapman stickists in the world - of which very few are working professionals. 


The band can also be provided as a 4pc, performing the keys via backing track.


The band is perfectly suited towards a party atmosphere where the crowd can be involved and performs regularly in Holiday parks, casinos, weddings and corporate events.