Why Choose us?

As one of the most experienced operators in the United Kingdom we have access to some of the finest acts across the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

We offer free advice? If you are venturing into the unknown with your entertainment, maybe trying something new with your venue, we have worked with many venues that have had to do the same thing and they have come to us for advice that produce results. We will help you create the experience you are looking for with the right entertainment. You will receive booking conformation from us with a comprehensive structure to let you know what to do step by step.

What to do next

To make your experience with Fantasteeq Ltd as easy as possible we have designed our website easy for you to navigate through all the different acts that we supply.

Please browse through our site for the type of entertainment you are looking for, for your venue or event.

Once you have found the act you can contact us via the online website contact, email or phone and we can select the act closest to you to keep costs down. We will then confirm the act is available, their price and availability and send you out a contract and all the relevant details necessary, Dates, Times, what the venue needs to provide and what the act will provide. This process is normally confirmed the same day. As soon as the act confirms they are available we will come back to you to confirm.

Once you returned confirmation of your booking to Fantasteeq Ltd that’s it! Your act has been secured for your venue and you only have to look forward to the event, it’s that simple !

Payment of all bookings are accepted through Bank Transfer or cheques made payable to Fantasteeq Ltd. All cheques must be cleared 14 days prior to the event taking place

About us

We supply the finest solutions to your Entertainment needs - Hotels - Clubs - Cruise Liners- Holiday Parks - Bars - Festivals - Corperate - Private - and more


Fantasteeq is a limited company based in the heart of the United Kingdom supplying the finest in all your venue or function needs.


You need a DJ - Disco - Tribute Band _-Party Function Band - Singer - Comedian - Look-a-like - Magician - Security - Bar Staff - Manager or anything else click contact


Why use a Management Company? Surely it’s cheaper to book direct?

As a management company we structure our workload so that our acts are always busy which keeps costs down. You would expect that if you book direct with the act that you would get it cheaper. Not necessarily. And you have no safety net. Fantasteeq  Ltd  negotiate the best price for our client and always have safeguards in place should something go wrong. I.E Sickness, breakdown or accidents.

The contracts issued by Fantasteeq Ltd are fully comprehensive and legally binding between the client and the act to ensure that your experience runs smoothly.

We operate a tight ship with all our acts and we do not tolerate any bad behaviour toward client or customers by any of our acts and operate a first strike and you are out policy. We don’t have pre-madonna acts!

If our act has to cancel due to breakdown, sickness or any other reason we have policies in place to find you a replacement act. It is very rare that we have an act let a client down and has not happened in over fifteen years. As the acting management for our acts they have the same attitude to their work and performance as we and our clients do. We like the best!


Fran Sheridan has had a wealth of experience in the entertainment world for many years with clients such as the Hyton, Hyatt and Sheraton International Hotel chains in places such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Jordan, U.S.A, Bahrain, London, Dublin and the list goes on. He has done everything from working behind bars to running five star hotel nightclubs, designing sound and lighting projects in Nightclubs, Theatres, Restaurant and Hotel lobbies and the like. Represented all kinds of acts and from having all this experience recognises two important values, the first is if the act is happy and the client is happy then the customers will be happy. Secondly from working in 5 star venues across the world he has a five star attitude toward this company Fantasteeq Ltd and aims to provide a 5 Star experience for clients.

The Company

We are a rapidly expanding company that is always employing and always researching in new and exciting acts. We run showcases throughout the United Kingdom for our clients to experience our acts in an relaxing environment so that you are relaxed and not obliged to book. These are also run with local charities in mind so that both our clients, acts and Fantasteeq Ltd put something back into the community of where the showcase is being held.

If you are an act and not currently on our books please send us a link for your showreel act and a list of venues you are appearing at.




We are currently gaining many contracts for many venues across the UK from Holiday Parks, Hotel Chains, Cruise ships and Nightclubs.

If you wish to feature with us we kindly ask you to supply us with the following information so that we can feature your act on our site.

Please send the following information via a word document, Jpeg picture, MP4 or Avi Videos.

  • Type of Act

  • Artists Name

  • Location

  • Price within 50 mile radius

  • Price within 100 mile radius

  • Sets (I.E Band – 2x45s, 1hr straight etc)

  • Description of act

  • Pictures that do not contain any links to own site

  • Videos that do not contain any links to own site

  • Contact numbers

Please send to: fran@fantasteeq.com

Company Policy

Fantasteeq prides itself on it reputation. "Our tastes are simple, we like the best" 

It is our philosophy to achieve the best takes 2 major ingredients. The 1st is to supply the act with a can do attitude that will bend over backwards to make sure the client has an unforgettable experience with our acts, not just by their performance on stage but off stage as well. The days of the "Pre-Madonna" acts are well and truly gone and Fantasteeq director Fran Sheridan will not tolerate any misconduct towards clients by any of its acts . There is, with many live acts a "Rider" (drinks, snacks, etc) that is expected to be honoured by the client. But again excessive & ridiculous requests by any act will not be made to any client.

The second major ingredient is the client. Our relationship here at Fantasteeq Ltd with all of our clients is and always has been a close and professional one. We have lots of clients that choose to come to us because they deal direct with the directors and share holders. We believe that in order for the business to succeed it is important that the people that work for us have a direct interest in Fantasteeq as a product and a business. Whilst it is important for the client to be happy we also understand that our acts need to be protected as well. Therefore we understand attitude is a two way street in this industry. Whilst we at Fantasteeq have never had the problem with our acts we have heard from acts working independently of some horror stories of he way they have been treated by clients.

Our philosophy on this is quite simple. Client Happy + Act Happy = Customer Happy. That is the ultimate end achievement we are all looking for.

I hope you enjoy your experience with Fantasteeq Ltd and am happy to be of assistance and any request.

Fran Sheridan